Are you struggling with the feeling that you cannot get the most out of yourself, and consequently cannot give the maximum to someone else? Are you questioning yourself why you are still single and that this might play a role in your situation? Then I am the right coach for you.

I believe that when I make you aware of yourself and put you in your own strength, you become irresistible and get the most out of your life. We will do this together on the basis of personal coaching. This can be a one-off or a long-term coaching process.

“You can’t love anybody else, if you can’t love yourself”.

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Who is Charmaine?

As a life coach I discovered more and more that there was a lot of women empowerment coaching, but less offer for men. Especially not by a woman. In addition to personal development, there was a greater need among male men and women to also receive advice on dating.

Ik ben me erin gaan verdiepen waar dit vandaan komt. Wat blijkt? De meeste mannen weten niet wat er van hun verwacht wordt.

This has led to writing a plan and applying it in practice to both men and women. What struck me was that most men have a hard time taking that first step because they are unaware of their own strength.

The GM Academy was created in response to this need. To make single men more aware of themselves to go on a date independently.

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Book your intake with Charmaine (winner of the BID Positivity Award)

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