Het GM programma

Total personal make-over 

The GM program is a combination of online and offline where all services are combined together. With the program we want to pay more attention to your potential. All five elements (nutrition, sport, mindset, impression/presentation & dating/communication will be present during this program.

Week 1 – Nutrition and Sport

Week 2 – Awareness

Week 3 – Positive thinking

Week 4 – Impression/presentation

Week 5 – Make-over (Grooming) + Photoshoot

Week 6 – Dating/communication


Nutrition & Sport

Being one with yourself starts with the right nutrition, but what is the right nutrition for you? Everything that makes your intestines (your second brain) happy.

This is no different with sports, here too it is important to do what makes your body happy.


In addition to becoming aware of your body, it is also important to become aware of your behavior and thinking (mindset). By becoming aware you know what to work on. If you do not become aware of this, the same problem will continue to occur.

Positivity thinking

Now that you know where the problem lies, the intention is to improve it positively. Your thinking (mindset) is what you also show and therefore what others also see.

The right mind attracts the right energy and the same souls are attracted to each other


Now that you have become more one with your body and mind, it is time to show this to others. This is your appearance. This is your appearance. How you present is important to convey the right energy. You achieve more with a positive image.


A change or rather an improvement also requires matching looks. After all, people first see your appearance and that must correspond to the person you are inside. A gentle man is a well-groomed man with the right appearance.


Now that you’ve had a total makeover, you also want to know how this turns out. For that reason we have arranged a trial date. That is why you are going on a trial date this week and describe what the ideal partner is for you.The trial date are dates with women who are there for you to help you express yourself better.

The focus is on improving your lifestyle, empowering you and attracting the right things in private and work.

For Who is the GM Program? 

For men who want to:

– become more aware of themself (body & mind)

– feel more more powerful

– improve their presentation (appearance & reaction).


What can you expect?

– Personal nutrition- & workout plan. 

– Personal training 1x each week (6x in total).

– Assignments to make you more self aware. 

– 2x intensive mindset coaching conversation (Menno, Ravitatie).

– A plan how to think positive.

– Learning how to represent yourself. 

Clothing advice from a stylist.

– Hairdresser.

– Profesional photoshoot (Ron de Vos, Monkibiz).

– 3 lovely test dates with beautiful gentleladies.


This is achieved through personal guidance, reflections and advice.



For this whole program of 6 weeks your investment will be 3000,- euro. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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