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Do you recognize yourself in the below?

🚫 What does it do to you when you are constantly being rejected?  What does it o with your self esteem?

🚫  Do you have less energy and do you feel powerless?

Only action will lead to results!

verdrietige man

Consider how it could be like…

 AWARENESS of your body and behavior so that you know who you are and what you really want.

POWERFULL (body & mind), so that you can be confident and succesful in love and business.

 POSITIVE mindset, you think in solutions an have a powerful appearance.

These results are not for the moment, but for a lifetime! 

Watch the video below to get a impression of what to expect when particitating in the GM Academy.


Of the GM Academy

Which service suits me the best?

Ask yourself the next questions to know which service suits you the best. 

The elements: nutrition, sports, mindset, presentation, dating/communication. 

Do you want to know who is your coach? 

Do you need advice regarding one element? 


Coaching conversations

Do you like to work with a team?

Do you want to think positive and in solutions?


Workshop positivity

Do you want to preview the GM program?

Do you want to feel more powerful and positive? 



Do you want to become a better version of you?

Do you want to work on all the elements? 


GM program

Coaching conversations

One conversation or several one-on-ones. A good coaching ensures a better awareness and a more positive mindset.


Workshop Positivity

Positivity is a important part of your life.  It always opens a door to put things into perpective and to come up with a solution to every situation with more confidence. During this workshop we will give you the tools how to deal with it when things go wrong.  Mainly attention is paid to the awareness process.

The positivity workshop will take place again soon. Er zijn een beperkt aantal plekken. 


The Powerday is shortened version of the GM program. It introduces you to the GM Academy, the coach gives you a foretaste of the whole GM Program. During this day the five elements will also be presented (nutrition, sport, mindset, presentation and dating/communication).

The GM program

The GM Program is a combination of online and offline services. We want to pay more attention to your potential. All five elements: nutrition, sport, mindset, presentation and dating/communication are presented the same as with a Powerday.

In addition, you will receive “the gift of success”.

Free E-book

Do you dare to invite your the woman of your dreams. Durf jij de vrouw van jouw dromen uit te nodigen en kan jij het tot een succes maken? Becoming a considerate man can be learned. That’s why we have the GM Academy E-book here. A book for men to be better prepared for a date. In this book we offer you the “do’s” & “don’ts” for a “first date” Are you up to the challenge?

Download the GM Academy E-book here.

of the GM academy


Positivity award Ali b

Charmaine makes men aware of their body, thinking and presentation. In my seven years as a life coach, I have noticed that in addition to lifestyle advice, there is always a need for business or dating advice.

As the slogan goes: “Becoming a gentleman is a matter of choice” 

Winner BID Positivity Award (most positive person in the Netherlands)


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