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From unconscious to conscious behavior 

Often you are not fully aware of your own behavior. By understanding your own behavior, you can gain more insight into how others see you.

Most men are, especially during the first date (s), looking into how they can best position themselves towards the other.

It’s logical too, because it is often said “just be yourself”. But in practice, you see most of them suddenly behave very differently, especially when they are around a woman they have their eye on.

This means that you are searching which behavior is desired and which behavior is correct. Especially when you have (just) come into contact with a woman you have in mind.

Now it is up to us to ensure that you have all the skills to empower yourself and get the most out of yourself.

This is how the GM Academy works

All the services except the workshop are personal coaching (one-on-one) with five different categories:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Sport
  3. Mindset
  4. Impression/presentation
  5. Dating/communication

As you can see, it involves a combination of physical, practical and more theoretical and psychological aspects. Maar maak je geen zorgen, ik ben geen therapeut die je de kleren van het lijf vraagt, die (spreekwoordelijke) kleding blijft aan tot je de kracht in jezelf heb gevonden.

As you can see, it involves a combination of physical, practical and more theoretical and psychological aspects. We will work until you have found the strength in yourself.

As a coach and as a woman I help you to get to know yourself better and to empower yourself. This will grow your confidence and automatically make you more aware of your behaviors and habits that help you attract the right things in life.

The coaching consists of reflections, advice and workshops, with the aim that you will feel relaxed in the future and start the day full of confidence.

Book your intake with me and find out what you REALLY want! 

Coaching conversations

One conversation or several one-on-ones. A good coaching ensures a better awareness and a more positive mindset.



Positivity is a important part of your life.  It always opens a door to put things into perpective and to come up with a solution to every situation with more confidence. During this workshop we will give you the tools how to deal with it when things go wrong.  Mainly attention is paid to the awareness process.

The positivity workshop will take place again soon. Er zijn een beperkt aantal plekken. 


The Powerday is shortened version of the GM program. It introduces you to the GM Academy, the coach gives you a foretaste of the whole GM Program.

During this day the five elements will also be presented (nutrition, sport, mindset, presentation and dating/communication).

The GM program

The GM Program is a combination of online and offline services. We want to pay more attention to your potential. All five elements: nutrition, sport, mindset, presentation and dating/communication are presented the same as with a Powerday.

In addition, you will receive “the gift of success”.

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