The GM Academy gives various workshops to introduce men to the GM Academy. All workshops are intended to let you go through life consciously, powerfully and positively.

Positivity workshop

Positivity is an important part. It always opens a door to put things into perspective and to come up with a solution for every situation with more confidence. During this workshop we give you the tools how to deal with it when things go wrong. Mainly attention is paid to the awareness process.

We start the day with a short presentation in which we explain what the program will look like. The day is filled with 10 assignments in a small group of a maximum of 10 participants.

There will be a break during the workshop to allow participants to network and spread more positivity.

The program lasts 4 hours in total, including a 1-hour break after a 1.5-hour morning program.

For who is the positivity workshop?

  • For anyone who wants to experience a more positive mindset.
  • Want to become more self-aware.

What cn you expect after this workshop?

  • A different view of situations.
  • A more pleasant cooperation.
  • A different perspective makes it easier to get over things.
  • Yoou make it easier for yourself.
  • You go happier to work.


250 each person

Limited number of places. Maximum 10 people


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